My Professional Journey

Facilitating a mental health workshop

I am certified in international transportations. And for more than 15 years I worked in the airline industry for companies including Swissair and Swiss. This provided me with the opportunity to work with some incredible people gaining experience in Technical Operations, Human Resources and Sales & Marketing, and also to travel the world.

In 2006 I decided to make a shift in my career and move into a healthcare  corporation here in Basel, I started by working in the global talent acquisition team. Here I directed the candidate experience program, crafted an interview tool for recruiters, participated in the elaboration of the new employer brand, conducted a number of MBA days on site, collaborated in the project team of the new e-recruitment tool, all in all it allowed me to acquire proficiency in the whole talent acquisitions theme.

With this expertise and following becoming certified as a coach, I was offered the role of  a global Learning and Development Consultant. In this role,  I am able to fulfill my purpose,  helping individuals and teams to connect with their potential n order to create infinite abundance for themselves and their environment. 

My solutions are:

Agile Collaboration

Agile collaboration in the corporate world offers unparalleled adaptability, allowing teams to swiftly respond to changing market demands and customer needs. By understanding outcomes, fostering open communication and frequent feedback loops, agile methodologies enhance teamwork and morale, leading to increased productivity and innovation. Moreover, the iterative nature of agile processes facilitates early detection of issues, minimizing risks and enabling timely adjustments. Embracing agility promotes transparency and accountability, as team members, we actively participate in decision-making and take ownership of tasks. Ultimately, agile collaboration empowers organizations to deliver high-quality products and services efficiently, gaining a competitive edge in dynamic business landscapes.

Creating self-awareness using the Leadership Circle Profile

Leaders with high levels of self-awareness, as assessed by the Leadership Circle Profile, demonstrate a deep understanding of how their thoughts, emotions, and actions impact their leadership effectiveness. Developing self-awareness is essential for leaders to identify areas for personal and professional growth, as well as to enhance their relationships with others.

As a team, leveraging the feedback and the insights from the Leadership Circle Profile, can increase effectiveness and better organizational outcomes.

Psychological Safety

In environments characterized by psychological safety, team members feel comfortable being themselves, sharing their thoughts and ideas openly, and engaging in constructive confrontation without the fear of being ridiculed or punished. All of us can play a crucial role in cultivating psychological safety by modeling vulnerability, actively listening, providing constructive feedback, and demonstrating empathy and understanding.

Mental Health

Being aware, understanding mental health and promoting mental health involves raising awareness, reducing stigma, providing access to resources and support systems, and fostering environments that prioritize emotional and psychological safety. It helps us as individuals and as teams to thrive, and bring our purpose to life. Often by speaking about our own mental health or applying some simple and easy techniques can make a substantial difference in terms of raising awareness.

Slowing down in the corporate world

By simply becoming aware of the pressure we feel to be constantly busy, of filling up our agendas and joining every meeting we can slow down, take the time to pause, reflect, and prioritize objectives rather than rushing through them. While the corporate world often emphasizes speed and agility, recognizing the value of slowing down can ultimately lead to more sustainable success, long-term growth, and greater organizational resilience. Understanding how to better cope with the external challenges leading to stress and how to free calendars to unleash potential, key to our well-being and success.

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