About me

Brigitte some years ago

This is  me Brigitte Herzog some 53 years ago, with my preferred “doudou”  (my dog which I carried with me everywhere)

As long as I can remember, I have always been a free spirit ready to explore and try out new things, and with a strong sense of having a higher mission, a purpose, which I am still searching for. Being in that search mode, gives me a feeling of restlessness which is not always well received by other people or myself in particular 


I have also just discovered that I am someone highly sensitive. Dr. Elaine Aron, hypersensitive herself,  began to study high sensitivity  in the 90s. According to her research,  highly sensitive people have following characteristics: 

  • we are quickly mistaken for someone shy or introverted or even depressed
  • we need more time than the others to observe the situations carefully and especially to think carefully before acting
  • we live each event with a lot more intensity than average, we are easily upset and vulnerable
  • you often feel misunderstood by those around you

On the other hand

  • we have an extremely developed intuition
  • we have a tremendous capacity for empathy
  • we often show great artistic talent.

So not easy right, and especially if life embarks you on a somewhat bumpy road. So let me tell you about my journey, about my road to finding me:

I was born and raised in a very small, village of 300 inhabitants in Alsace, a southeast region of France near the border of Switzerland and Germany. I grew up in a traditional family ( my dad, my mom, my brother).  I also grew up among two strong women: my mum and my grand mum, both who have had a huge impact on my life. 

I would love to say that I had a wonderful childhood, and I guess I did, however I do not remember much, just when I see pictures I sort of recall the scenes. 

I went to school, did a masters’ degree in international transportation and worked for different airlines in very different positions. Working for the airline industry, allowed me to travel the world.  Since 2006, I work in the Human Resources department of a big corporation, where I help employees unleash their full potential.

Another side of me: I am a late bloomer. It has always taken me much longer than others to do things, to commit, to realize and get inspired.

  • I moved out of my parents’ home when some of my friends where already building their own houses.
  • When I got married, when some of my friends where already thinking of getting remarried a second time.
  • I gave birth to my daughter while some friends were getting excited about having grandchildren.
  • I just find my passion at work now that some of my friends are already thinking of retirement.

However I have always tried — and will continue to — do it my way, (I just love that song performed by Frank Sinatra)

This is who I am. Believe me it took me quite a few years to accept myself and my particular pace and I am still working on . Especially since life forced me to look at both my private and professional life and has imposed me some not always simple challenges 

Today, I am in the middle of starting a new life, which is scary and thrilling at the same time. Getting better every day in finding my marks in my new life, my new home, accommodating my life and the life of my little one, my brilliant 12 year old daughter who is my greatest support and my rock.

My daughter and I

She keeps on writing me posts like: “if you have not gone through bad times, you won’t be able to enjoy good times”. This is my 12 year old daughter, an amazing young lady and I am truly proud of her.

The road on the journey, which started last December, is sometimes bumpy, painful, transcendent, puzzling. I find it, joyous, exhausting, daunting,  rewarding, winding, meditative and also inspiring – so inspiring that I have decided to share it with you. I know a lot of people who are experiencing a similar situation: men or women. Regardless of the age each single journey requires courage, self-discipline, mindfulness, gentleness, resilience but also joy and laughter and moreover, a couple of good friends who support you on the way.

Picture by my dear friend Isabel

Let me be one of your good friends, even if only virtual. I hope my sharing here inspires you, and encourages you to share your journey, your experiences and your feelings with me.

Putting all this down in writing helps me to move forward in a clear and focused way. More importantly, it helps me to reflect on



  • Who I am
  • What I want to do in life
  • Where do I want to go

Eventually this brings me closer to my purpose in life and to my place, my home. It helps me to get up every morning feeling grateful and full of joy. 

Join me on my road to myself!

Be curious, be courageous, be bold and be yourself!