A little story of a little frog

This is brief and sweet story about a group of frogs wanting to climb a wall. And only one, a little one manage to climb up and got to the top.

A big wall to climb

All of them, they  wanted to climb this big, tall wall which was in front of them. They wanted to reach the top and see what was on the other side. So all together, they started to try. Of course as foreseeable, they did not succeed. Some fell down, others could not even put a leg on the wall. In fact, not because of their capabilities, actually mainly because a lot of people around them where shouting at them things like:

  • You will fall down!
  • It’s too hard, forget it!
  • You do not possess the capabilities to climb that wall!
  • Never, ever you will manage to do that!

And of course, none of them succeeded. None except one!

There was this small, fragile little frog, which was seating on the top of the wall. When the other frogs realized it they all got jealous, and started to shout at the frog:

  • How did you do this?
  • What is your secret?
  • Tell us!
a cute little frog

As the little frog did not answer, they suddenly realized that the frog was deaf and was totally immune to all the negative comments others were shooting at her. They could not influence this little frog.  Slowly, with one step after the other she managed to climb that wall and got to the top. There she  was seating very relaxed, proud and happy!

I really love that story! It has for me a big and profound quintessence.

  • Just listen to yourself.
  • Do not listen to others around you.
  • Know what is right for you and follow through on it.
No, I am not going to listen to them!

Translating this story into my life, I could share a couple of instances in my life, where I was just very deaf to others, and only followed my inner voice. Especially I had to climb two very big walls in the sense that I had to take two drastic decisions as I was convinced and I am still convinced it was not the right moment for what was going to happen in my life. Moreover, I had to take these decisions just for my own sake. A few years later, Life offered me a third chance, which I took because it was the right moment for me and it unfolded beautifully.

Also, this is how I engaged on my Camino de Santiago, remember I told you in post ” my Santiago de Compostela part I”, I did very little preparation before the departure, like 0 training. Every time I was sharing my venture, people were looking at me, saying you walking?? What 750Km? Even my ex-husband did not believe in me. However, that would not influence me, I just blinded them all out and off I went. I walked these 750 Km. And I enjoyed it so much, it was such a beautiful moment in my life. Had I listen to all the others I would have missed one of my best month of my life!

How about you, when did you play deaf for the last time and just did what you had to do without considering any other option?

Be curious, be courageous, be bold and be yourself


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