Have you ever had what I call a “Sharon Stone moment” that has changed your life?

It was a few days ago that I stumbled across this video of Sharon stone: Her Thank You speech for receiving the GQ Men of Year 2019 – Woman of the Year.  And I was really impressed by her speech, her words, her fierceness, the way she had transformed from being a joke to become women of the year 2019. Her famous moment I trust you have all still in mind, and if not I recommend you to watch Basic Instinct, a blockbuster out of the early 90, where Sharon Stone had to slowly cross her legs.

The famous scene

Before the scene was shot, the (male) director had asked her to take off her underpants. It took her less than five seconds to do something what was going to shape the perceptions of her in public and may have a had livelong impact on her private life as well. It certainly made her go through a roller coaster of emotions. Since that scene I guess she has been labelled with all kinds of etiquettes and might have been omitted to be seen as the sassy and bright woman she actually is.

Having discussed this post with a dear friend of mine, who made me realize that in times of me-too and with all what has happened in Hollywood and around the world on how women have been treated lately, this example might come across as inappropriate or weird. Still I am impressed what Sharon Stone’s made out of a moment that, I assume, took her on a roller coaster of emotions. Accepting the request of the movie director whether it was a youthful folly or a well calculated move from her (I guess we will never know) has marked her for the rest of her life. At first I guess in a negative way and after a while it gave her the strength and the courage to stand up for herself and for others.

Sharon also said that each and every one of us is going to have a moment that is going to change our life. One you might be aware of or one you might not be aware of. She carries on saying that we are going to have one if you have not already, and you are going to be held accountable and that people will ask you questions.

It was last Sunday I went out for a walk alone, somewhere beautiful in Switzerland, when I remembered that video and started to reflect,

  • Have I had such a moment?
  • Have I even being aware of that moment?
  • How did that moment transform me?
  • Did I go through such a roller coaster of emotion because of that moment?

Scary roller coasterWell, I was not sure actually, at least it took me a while to reflect.  Whether this moment had been a wonderful one like the birth of my daughter or a heartbreaking like my separation.  Both did transform me and made me go through a roller coaster of emotions going from joy, happiness to fear, sadness and deep sorrow. I was definitely not prepared for what would follow both major event in my life. And yet both made me grow so much and I am still learning so much about myself, my environment etc.

This is also what Sharon Stone’s video made me realize: all of us we have a true value, we are magic and once we see and realize that, our life starts to be filled with magical experiences. Just remember to be gentle with ourselves as we are growing, going through whatever roller coaster life is offering us. This will help us to become who we always dreamed of being or simply get back to our core self which is in itself a courageous move.

Beautiful, sassy lady

I want to acknowledge Sharon Stone, and through her all the women who have experienced such a moment. For showing courage and answer “sure” when they maybe would have preferred to say no, for whatever reasons. A decision which can put your life upside down. I guess she simply trusted the universe that she was at the right place at the right time, Also miles away of thinking what impact this little moment was going to have on her future life and how transformative this would be for her as an individual.

  • Are we courageous enough to accept what life is presenting to us?
  • Are we open to it and present?
  • Are we able to dance in the moment and more over be willing to go through that transformative journey which comes undeniably with it?

Let me know what was your Sharon Stone moment? And what impact did it have on you?

Be curious, be courageous, be bold and be yourself!















7 Replies to “Have you ever had what I call a “Sharon Stone moment” that has changed your life?”

  1. Hola Brigitte,

    ¿qué tal estás?
    me alegro de volver a leerte!!
    los temas que tratas son interesantes. He de sentarme para pensar cual fue mi momento Sharon Stone!!!
    un beso y un fuerte abrazo

    1. Hola Betlem, me alegro que el “post” te ha animado a pensar. And thank you so much for being a faithful reader
      big kisses

  2. Hola Brigitte!!!! Buena reflexión!!!! Aunque es difícil llegar a ese momento, pero seguro que pensando y reflexionando más, aparecerá. Gracias por tus palabras!!!! Un abrazo inmenso!!!!

    1. Hola Gemma, gracias, me gusta que te gusta el Post, i que tambien te has animado a pensar. Maybe you will remember when you expect it the least…. a big hug

  3. Salut Brigitte, ca va?

    Ich habe Deinen Artikel gelesen betreffend Sharon Stone Moment. Dann
    habe ich ein paar Tage gehirnt, und das kommt nicht gut, denn so
    verkrampft gehts nicht. Auf jeden Fall ist mir aufgefallen, dass Du im
    Artikel keinen Deiner Sharon Stone Momente mitteilst, sonder nur den
    Moment, seine Umstände und Folgen erläuterst. Kein Vorwurf, ich
    beschreibe, was mir aufgefallen ist.

    Dann bin ich v.a. über dem Eindruck gesessen, dass im Moment des Sharon
    Stone Moment man sich dessen Folgen und Auswirkungen gar nicht bewusst.
    Man nimmt ihn mal war oder eben gar nicht. Das wäre wiederum eine
    spannende Diskussion, was nimmt man bewusst wahr?

    Item, so plätscherte das ganze vor sich hin. Dann war ich letzte Woche
    in der GGG und habe “Ein Mann des Wortes” ausgeliehen, der letzte Film
    von Wim Wender über Papst Franziskus. Und im Verlauf des Filmes wurde es
    mir klar, dass er mich an einen “Sharon Stone Moment” erinnert.

    Im Film wird ein wenig auf die Geschichte von Franziskus von Assisi
    eingegangen, und es wurde mir klar: Meine Konfirmationsreise nach Assisi
    ist ein Sharon Stone Moment. Wir Konfirmanden reisten als
    protestantische Gruppen ins katholische Assisi, und ich war zu tiefst
    beeindruckt. ich weiss nicht mehr ob gleich danach oder später, aber ich
    habe mir die Biographie von Franziskus “reingezogen”, habe Filme
    geschaut. Es war meine erste ernsthafte Auseinandersetzung aus eigenem
    Wille mit Religion, Spiritualiät, Katholizismus, Ordentun, und was damit
    zusammen hängt. Auch später kam ich immer wieder auf die Geschichte von
    Franziskus zurück.

    Und auch jetzt, im Film über den Papst, war ich fasziniert von den
    Bildern aus Assisi die gezeigt werden, und habe mir überlegt, diesen Ort
    wieder einmal zu besuchen. Der Besuch denke ich war ausschlaggebender
    Punkt dass ich bis bis heute gerne mit dem Thema Religion und
    Spiritualität (dieses Thema kam viel später in Guatemala dazu über den
    Shamanismus dort) auseinander setze. Ich denke das Motto von Franziskus,
    dass eben alle gleich sind und man denselben Respekt vor jedem Leben,
    sei es pflanzilich, tierisch oder menschlich, haben muss, ist tief in
    mir verankert.

    Ich würde mich als christlich, aber nicht als Christ bezeichnen. Ich
    würde mich als spirituel veranlagt beschreiben, aber nicht religiös. Ein
    Auseinandersetzung mit mir selbst, die mir hoffentlich noch viele
    spannende Momente bringt. Der Ursprung, mein Sharon Stone Moment, liegt
    im Besuch von Assisi.

    Danke dass Du mich auf diese spannende Denkaufgabe gehieft hast, ich
    freue mich auf weitere. Big hug, Gula Gula alias René Mei-Air

  4. Dear Brigitte,

    Good question. In one hand I think that I do good at that, but in another hand I think that I’m not facing the future that is there for me. Or maybe it’s for later…

    1. Thank you Perrine for your comment, I trust being in the moment, always helps us balance well what Life is offering us!

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