Why me, why us, why the world – the power of the Why question

Going through the tough time I went through the question “why” often came to my mind. Why did this happen to me? Why did I have to experience all that pain?

These why questions are powerful questions, and for us it is difficult to figure out where they are taking us.

All of us we have our problems and challenges life is putting in our way or should I say life is sending us. While I am writing my sister in law is having her fourth breast cancer operation, one of my dear friend is being operating on his spine. All of you know people going through rough times.  And in  the current times we are all going through, these why questions are more valid than ever.

  • Why this virus?
  • Why now?
  • Why us?

So many why questions, is it even important to have the answer to these why questions, what is behind?, what is this telling us?  How do we handle all these why questions? and what do we do with them?, where are they leading us?, are they really necessary? What do we have to learn out of them?

Reflecting on my situation, taking a step back and looking at my whole life I have noticed as soon as I accepted situations things started to flow and to come together.  I know some situations might be easier to accept than others and still. So shall we simply learn to accept and trust the process and just walk by faith and not by sight?

What about the whole world situation we are currently facing, and what do we have to learn out of this corona situation? It is just and I don’t really know which adjective to use here insane, unbelievable, unthinkable, incredible how a small virus manages to paralyze the whole world. Do we even know the impact this is going to have?

While each of us we can easily list a number of negatives out of it, how about the positives:

  • How many solidarity acts are happening all over the world?
  • How many people are reconnecting with each other?
  • How many parents are taking time with their kids?
  • How quickly the planet earth is recovering from all pollution?

How many of us have taken time and reflect on what is really important in their life and have already started to change their mindset and even their ways of showing up and doing things?

While we were all running like crazy, running after what we thought was important, losing ourselves. So did I , before life put me in front of my challenges and forced me to seat still for a moment. Now life, the universe or a higher Force how you want to call it,  is putting the whole humanity in front of a huge challenge.  So why?

Blaise Pascal 1623-1662

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, physician and a wise man once said and not to mention this was in the 17 century “all humanity problem stem from man’s inability to seat quietly in a room alone”.

Is this the answer to the question why? Do we have to learn again how to sit quietly in a room alone, to reconnect with ourselves, with our core, with our true self, to rediscover ourselves?  Do we have to learn how to rebuild our  inner peace so that even when things around us feel turbulent, we start to see that there is a reservoir of calm and clarity at our service. A true space within each of us, free from any virus, challenges, negativity from where we can think, feel, breathe and make good decisions!

  • How does this sound to you?
  • Does it resonate with you?

Let me finish this post by quoting Jill Wintersteen, a former neuroscientist  who studied astrology and became a yoga teacher who after a trip to Bali created the following website   spirit daughter  :

“Just like the moon, your greatest magic will come to you in times of darkness when you have no choice but to trust your own power”.

What does this quote evoke in you?

Stay safe and healthy and  be courageous,  curious,  bold, and  most of all be yourself!






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