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Voyez ici ce que disent mes clients !

The coaching with you was very profound, focused on the essential topics and set accents for my further development!

Group Lead Business Responsibility

F. G.

I met Brigitte by chance and now I consider that event like a gift that fate has put on my journey.

I immediately felt a positive energy coming from her thanks to her smile and her welcoming approach, so it was not difficult to choose her, out of many other possibilities, as a coach when I found myself in a quite complex situation.

I completely trusted Brigitte and the coaching process, and after a couple of months I can say that I feel much more fulfilled and peaceful. I can see things from a new and more positive perspective and I feel more confident in taking actions to move myself forward in a path that I choose every day.

What is that I have most appreciated?

The quiet space she is able to create, the direct but kind way she is able to ask me powerful-thought provoking questions, the ability to listen without judging.

Brigitte has been my first coach and the one who has definitely made me really understand the value of having a good coach!

Senior Clinical Operations Lead

Dr. R. P.

Brigitte listened to me and picked up on the subtleties in what I was saying and how I was speaking. She was able to help me channel my focus and see things from a different perspective. I truly have benefitted from her sessions. She has a way of politely challenging me with the questions she asked. The exercises she gave me were exactly what I needed to take the next steps. I started my sessions feeling low energy with my back slouched and finished feeling energized with my head held high and excited to change my way of thinking. Amazing stuff and I would highly recommend her.

Global Study Manager

H. N.

I have been working with Brigitte for a few months now and have been thoroughly impressed with what we have accomplished in such a short time. From our first session she encouraged me to dig deeper than I have with a therapist I had worked with for several years. I often utilize the visualization exercise we worked through that first session. Brigitte is focused and straightforward; she asks poignant questions that help me consider new possibilities. I have enjoyed my work with Brigitte immensely and look forward to our future sessions.

S. C.

I was most fortunate to meet Brigitte via a business constellation coaching session. Before doing this, I knew nothing about this area of coaching. Brigitte was clear in her explanation & guidance through the session. It is a simple but really effective method, the use of sticky notes & placing on the floor & the use of movement is really clever. Brigitte is very astute, she picked up on not only what I said but my body language that I was not consciously aware of. The simplicity of the method is powerful. I like that it begins with me now, then the areas of most angst for me & concluding on the next steps. I would highly recommend this method & Brigitte.

Senior Clinical Development Scientist

J. A.

Brigitte helped me in a trustworthy and professional way to go inside myself and to reflect what are the issues that stop me from working more effectively and efficiently. 

She helped me to form a vision for my future, showed me strengths and weaknesses and also how to deal with them in order to become an even better version of myself. Through her coaching I can now handle tasks with more self-confidence and have learned how to deal with issues that seem to be a hurdle for me.

In addition, she helped me evaluate and interpret my Leadership Circle Profile and provided valuable insights. All in all, I was completely satisfied with her coaching.


 Brigitte was incredibly helpful in guiding me towards my next career move. She truly listened to my concerns and helped me to better understand my strengths and interests. Her practical suggestions for exploring various career options were invaluable, and the resources she provided were very helpful. Brigitte emphasized the importance of choosing a path that aligns with my values, which left me feeling rejuvenated and confident in my ability to explore new opportunities. I can't thank her enough for her attentive, patient, and caring approach throughout our session. It was truly a fantastic experience.


It was a real pleasure working with you for the team meeting last week.

Your guidance was instrumental in preparation of the team meeting. You ensured that there was a structure for the meeting, with topics that ensured a good build up and flow during the day. You also ensured that all documentation was prepared in due time so there was time for feedback and alignment prior to the meeting.


Your facilitation was perfect! The team felt at ease and immediately opened up, thanks to your facilitation, the words and tone used. It was also good to have you in the session, as a 3rd person neutral to the team so that certain topics could be addressed.

Nothing specific I can think of that should have been done.

Looking forward to organizing follow up sessions with the team where also some of the topics can be addressed in more detail.

Finance Director

G. H.
Roche Switzerland
Dear Brigitte, thank you very much for leading our team building workshop so confidently and sensitively! And that with the challenge of suddenly having to take on exclusive duties due to an illness.
You understood my needs and what I wanted to achieve with the workshop very well within a very short time and were able to translate them into practical and theoretical concepts.
You accepted the individual characteristics and the mood of the group very well and were able to get them to get involved in the program and actively participate.
Challenging questions were no problem for you and you succeeded very well in achieving the goals you set, both to improve the team structure and to generate a tangible outcome for the relationship with our stakeholders and customers in an extremely short time.
Thank you very much again! The team - some of them very critical - was thrilled!

Health & Safety, Roche

Dr, S.R.
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