About Me

Brigitte Herzog

Certified Professional Co active Coach
Leadership circle profiler practitioner
Business constellation coach
Basel Switzerland
Language: French, English, German, Swiss German

Born and raised in a small village in Alsace, I had from very little on to comply and to please to be seen and what I thought to be loved. Moving fast forward, I studied international transportation, worked for nearly 20 years in the airline industry, which gave me the opportunity to travel the world. In 2006 I moved to the healthcare industry. After 12 years I felt empty and worthless, stuck in a position where I did not add any value and in a marriage where I felt very lonely.

Pausing during the Camino at Castrillo de Cabezòn, 2018

This is when I decided to do the Camino de Santiago de compostela, a long awaited dream came true. After the birth of my daughter, it was one of the best moments of my life. This Camino helped me to start the journey back to myself. On my return I decided to look for a new professional challenge and this is when I got in contact with coaching, a clear game changer for me.

"My purpose is to support my clients, helping them to connect with their true selves so that they can create infinite abundance for themselves and all the people around them."

It also changed my private life. The beginning of a new me. It was not easy, I went through different phases, pain, anger, sadness, regrets and coaching has definitely been the one tool helping me to bounce back.

Having experienced all these stages myself, I really know what it means to be rejected, to not be seeing, to feel let out or empty, to much such a few. So you are going through a rocky unstable time, privately or professionally and need a safe space to find your own answers. Get in touch and let’s explore together what your opportunities are so that you can reconnect with yourself and create this infinite abundance as you serve.

Exploring Medewi, Bali, 2024

Coaching will help you in a sensitive and mindful way to reconnect with your values, find your purpose whether you are a leader struggling in your current corporate environment or an individual finding it hard in your current private life.

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